What form of evidence is acceptable?

We accept screenshots of smartphone exercise apps, photos of exercise watches or treadmill screens. If you do not have access to any of these, you can map out your activities via sites like ‘Map My Run’. 

How do I upload my evidence?

Login to your account here and follow the instructions. Your account was created when you entered the event. Please see this video here.

Why is my evidence status ‘pending’?

Don’t worry, your uploaded evidence has already been added to your teams progress total. It simply means that a member of the MyRace team hasn’t had a chance to review it yet. We often only get round to reviewing evidence once you or your teams challenge target has been reached.

Where can I see my Station’s progress?

Your Station’s accumulated progress can be seen on the event leaderboard. This is updated on a regular basis. 

Where can I see my contribution to the Station total?

Your contribution to your Station’s total can be seen on your account page. This is a significant challenge, so we would only expect team members to contribute between 1- 5% of the total!

My Station is not listed for this event?

If your Station is not listed, please contact us at support@wlve.co.uk

When will I receive my event medal?

Event medals will be sent out when you complete the challenge – so the sooner you complete it, the sooner you get your medal!